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Kenneth Allen Senior Analyst
The CNA Corporation
Richard Alpaugh Deputy to the Commander
US Army Security Assistance Command
Greyson Bassett Taiwan Country Manager
United Defense
Daniel Blumenthal Country Director for Taiwan, China Division
Office of the Secretary, U.S. Department of Defense
Orion Y.P. Chang Chairman
National Defense Industrial Association of Sino
Capt Cheng Cheng-Wen (Alan) Chief, FMS Section, Defense Procurement Division
William S. Cohen Secretary Cohen was sworn in as Secretary of Defense on January 24, 1997 and held the position until January 20, 2001. He is Chairman and CEO of The Cohen Group, an international strategic business consulting firm, and assumed the post as Chairman of the US-Taiwan Business Council in January 2003.
Bonnie Glaser Senior Associate, International Security Program
Center for Strategic & International Studies
James Grzella Vice President
Devco, Inc.
Alexander Huang Assistant Professor
Tamkang University
General Houh Shoou-yeh Deputy Minister for Armaments
Ministry of National Defense
Richard Lawless Deputy Under Secretary, International Security Affairs - Asia Pacific
U.S. Department of Defense
Dr. Lin Chong-Pin Professor, Graduate Institute of International Affairs & Strategic Studies
Tamkang University
Bruce S. Lemkin Deputy Under Secretary for International Affairs
U.S. Air Force
Gregory K.S. Man Political/Military Affairs Officer
American Institute in Taiwan, Washington Office
Fu-Shin Mei Director/Editor-in-Chief
Taiwan Defense Review
Rino Pivirotto Executive Director, International Programs Office
U.S. Navy
Edward Ross Director, Middle East, Asia, North Africa Directorate
Defense Security Cooperation Agency
Randall Schriver Deputy Assistant Secretary for China
U.S. Department of State
Mark Stokes Vice President
Lai Fu Trading Company, Ltd.
Tony Sun Chairman
Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation
MG Wang Yang-Cheng CEO, National Strategic Studies Institution
National Defense University, Ministry of National Defense
Gary Weis Defense Consultant