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This is an archived version of the website for the US-Taiwan Defense Industry Conference in 2006. For current conferences, please see the conference page at
Greyson Bassett Senior Taiwan Advisor, Land & Armaments
BAE Systems, Inc.
Dan Blumenthal Director, Asian Studies Program
American Enterprise Institute
Sam Dollard Principal
Charles Freeman Managing Director, The China Alliance
Armstrong Teasdale, LLP
William C. Greenwalt Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Industrial Policy
U.S. Department of Defense
Jim Grzella Director, Asia-Pacific & Middle East Programs, International Trade Development
Raytheon Company
Clifford Hart Director, Office of Taiwan Coordination
U.S. Department of State
Dr. Ho Szu-yin Director, Overseas Department
Vice-Convener, National Security Division
National Policy Foundation
Dr. Chiang Hsu Senior Advisor
TECO Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd.
Tony Hu Chief, Taiwan Issues, OSD/ISA/AP
U.S. Department of Defense
Ko Chen-Heng Vice Minister
Ministry of National Defense
Kuo Lin-wu Advisor, Anti Terrorism Office
Executive Yuan
Lee Wen-chung Legislator (DPP)
Legislative Yuan
Gregory K.S. Man Political/Military Affairs Officer, Washington Office
American Institute in Taiwan
RAdm Eric McVadon Director, Asia-Pacific Studies
Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis
Fu S. Mei Director/Editor-in-Chief
Taiwan Defense Review
Wendell Minnick Asia Bureau Chief
Defense News
John Pollin Manager, International Business Development, Sea-Based Missile Defense
Lockheed Martin Corporation
Edward Ross Principal Director, Operations Directorate
Defense Security Cooperation Agency
Randall Schriver Partner
Armitage International
Mark Stokes Director
US-Taiwan Enterprise Institute
Su Chi Legislator (KMT)
Legislative Yuan
Dr. Michael Tsai Former Deputy Secretary-General
National Security Council, Taiwan
Steven Walker Program Manager
KMS Enterprises, Inc.
Gary Weis Consultant
Stephen Yates President
DC Asia Advisory