Annapolis, Maryland

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This is an archived version of the website for the US-Taiwan Defense Industry Conference in 2007. For current conferences, please see the current events page at
All conference sessions were private and off-the-record, no press was admitted. However, the Council held press conferences in Annapolis to discuss the conference. Press conferences were held on Sunday, September 9 and on Tuesday, September 11.

We ask that all members of the press interested in covering the meeting on location in Annapolis please register with us. Submit the form below to become a member of the Registered Press for this Conference. Registered Press will receive a press schedule prior to the beginning of the conference.

Press packets and other information about the Conference will be available to Registered Press starting at 4pm on Sunday, September 9, 2007. Any speeches released prior to or during the conference will also be available upon release.

Check back regularly for updates on press conference times/locations, etc.

Registration is closed.