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This is an archived version of the website for the US-Taiwan Defense Industry Conference in 2008. For current conferences, please see the current events page at
The United States–Taiwan Defense Industry Conference 2008 was held September 28-30, 2008 on Amelia Island, Florida. This was the seventh in a series of ongoing conferences addressing the future of U.S. defense cooperation with Taiwan, the defense procurement process, and Taiwan's defense and national security needs.

The first conference in this series was the St. Petersburg, Florida event where former Minister of National Defense Tang Yiau-ming gave the keynote address in March of 2002. The second conference in the series was held in February 2003 in San Antonio, Texas, the third in October 2004 in Phoenix, Arizona, the fourth in September 2005 in San Diego, California, the fifth in September 2006 in Denver, Colorado, and the sixth in September 2007 in Annapolis, Maryland.

Keynote Addresses
The 2008 conference featured keynote addresses by Taiwan's Minister of National Defense - Chen Chao-min, as well as keynote speeches by the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. Department of State.

Conference Program
Sessions at the US-Taiwan Defense Industry Conference featureed a moderator and several speakers, and some sessions included additional commentators. Each speaker presented a short summary of a paper on the session topic from his or her own viewpoint, presentations that were then followed by a moderator-driven question and answer period, as well as a moderator-led discussion among the panelists. This format provided the maximum amount of time for exchanges between the panel and the audience, as well as between the panelists, offering a forum for substantial and valuable interaction and discussion.

Breakout Sessions
Three sub-sessions within Session IV concentrated on specific issues from a more narrow perspective. This year, the themes for the breakout sessions were Space, Information & Network Security, as well as the U.S. presidential election and potential implications for the U.S.-Taiwan relationship.

Historic Fort Clinch and the Amelia Island Lighthouse