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This is an archived version of the website for the US-Taiwan Defense Industry Conference in 2008. For current conferences, please see the current events page at
John Anderson Chief, Technical Section
American Institute in Taiwan (AIT/T)
Greyson Bassett Business Development Consultant - Asia Pacific
Raymond Burghardt Chairman
American Institute in Taiwan (AIT/T)
Michael Chase Assistant Professor of Strategy & Policy
Naval War College
Chen Chao-min Minister
Ministry of National Defense
Peter Dai President
PKD Consulting
Capt John Figuerres Chief, Northeast Asia Policy Division, Strategic Planning & Policy Directorate (J5)
U.S. Pacific Command (PACOM)
James Grzella Director, Global Partnering & Trade Development
Raytheon Company
Mark Hall Director, Information Assurance Policy & Strategy, OSD (NII)
U.S. Department of Defense
Alexander Huang Professor of Strategic Studies & Director of American Studies
Tamkang University
Shirley Kan Specialist, National Security Policy, Foreign Affairs, Defense & Trade Division
Congressional Research Service
Lin Chen-wei Director, Department of International Affairs
Democratic Progressive Party
Fu S. Mei Director
Taiwan Security Analysis Center
Derek Mitchell Senior Fellow & Director for Asia, International Security Program
Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)
John Norris Deputy Assistant Secretary, Bureau of East Asian & Pacific Affairs
U.S. Department of State (CSIS)
Kevin Pollpeter China Project Manager
Center for Intelligence Research & Analysis
Edward Ross Principal
EWRoss International, LLC
David Sedney Deputy Assistant Secretary, Asian & Pacific Security Affairs
U.S. Department of Defense
Gary Schmitt Resident Scholar & Director of Advanced Strategic Studies
American Enterprise Institute (AEI)
Randy Schriver Partner
Armitage International
Bruce Scott President
ITT Defense International
John Tkacik, Jr. Senior Fellow in Asian Studies
Heritage Foundation
Michael Tsai Honorary Deputy Chairman
Institute for Taiwan Defense and Strategic Studies
John M. Ward Vice President, International Business Development
Lockheed Martin Missiles & Fire Control
Paul D. Wolfowitz Chairman
US-Taiwan Business Council