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This is an archived version of the website for Taiwan + China Semiconductor Industry Outlook 2004. Many conference papers, speeches, and presentations are now available on the agenda page of this website. Press reports on the conference are available on the US-Taiwan Business Council's Press Page.
We ask that all members of the press interested in covering this conference on location in San Jose please register with us. Registered Press will receive a press schedule prior to the beginning of the conference. Submit the form below to become a member of the Registered Press.
Press Qualifications
Members of the business press, technology industry press, and other appropriate media organizations can register to attend the conference free of charge. We allow one free press registration per publication. Press registrations are accepted based on current affiliation with an appropriate press organization.

To ensure that these complimentary registrations are issued to the appropriate individuals, we ask that members of the press provide at least one form of press identification listed below:

A current business card with an official press title from an appropriate publication *
* An appropriate press title would contain the word "publisher", "editor", "staff writer", "reporter", "columnist", or other similar titles. Titles containing words such as "marketing" or "sales" are not considered appropriate. An appropriate publication would be technology media, local or national newspapers, or a business publication. Consulting companies, research firms, or independent analysts are not considered press organizations.
An appropriate magazine or newspaper masthead showing the individual's name along with one of the press titles listed below
A current official press card