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The US-Taiwan Business Council was established in 1976, and rapidly took on an important role in developing the trade and business relationships between the United States and Taiwan. The Council was heavily involved in all aspects of the drafting and passing of the Taiwan Relations Act (of April 1979), and the U.S. and Taiwan governments and business leaders recognize it as the most important private organization in the entire range of unofficial relations between the two economies. The Council provides its members with access to a network of companies involved in business between Taiwan and the United States, and serves as an effective representative in dealing with business, trade, and investment matters.

The Council's conferences, seminars, receptions, and dinners held throughout the U.S. and Taiwan each year promote business relationships, provide a forum for industry-specific discussions, and offer access to a network of corporate leaders and government officials. The Council also produces a suite of industry-specific information products that provide our members with the most up-to-date news, information, and analysis on events and developments that affect business in the U.S.-Taiwan-China dynamic.

For more information on the Council and membership, please contact Judson Payne, Director of Corporate Affairs, via telephone at (703) 465-2930 or via email to JPayne(at)

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