On January 21, 2021, Council President Rupert Hammond-Chambers spoke at a virtual discussion “U.S. Policy toward Taiwan: Toward a Stronger U.S.-Taiwan Relationship,” hosted by the Foreign Policy Research Institute.

In announcing the event, FPRI said:

In a new era of U.S.-China strategic competition, Taiwan is again at the epicenter of U.S.-China relations.  Americans see Taiwan as a vibrant democracy, seeking to be a trusted partner and responsible stakeholder on global challenges. At the same time, China’s pressure on Taiwan is reaching dangerous levels. U.S. policy faces both heightened risks and increased opportunities for the U.S., Taiwan, and the Indo-Pacific region. Why does Taiwan matter to the U.S.? What factors shape U.S. policy toward Taiwan?  What should U.S. policy toward Taiwan be under the Biden administration and beyond? Join us for a discussion of these issues and a report from a Center for Strategic and International Studies Task Force on U.S. Policy Toward Taiwan with task force members Bonnie Glaser (CSIS), Rupert Hammond-Chambers (U.S.-Taiwan Business Council), and Jacques deLisle (FPRI).

The Council thanks FPRI for the invitation to participate in this event.