On June 30, 2021, Council Vice President Lotta Danielsson spoke at a virtual discussion “Balancing Competing Visions for Indo-Pacific Trade,” hosted by the National Bureau of Asian Research.


In announcing the event, NBR said:

As the trade environment in the Indo-Pacific region continues to evolve, new visions for the future of regional trade policy have emerged. Attempts at decoupling, rising protectionist sentiment, and supply chain shifts brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic and broader concerns about supply chain vulnerabilities have led to new ways of thinking about trade policy in the region. Unpacking these competing interests in a complex environment is critical if the United States and its allies and partners are to pursue an Indo-Pacific trade policy that is coherent, realistic, and in line with shared values. This event will examine these competing approaches to Indo-Pacific trade and discuss the roles and strategies of some of the region’s key players in trade.

The discussion will consider the implications of shifting trade and supply chain dynamics and examine how various countries in the region are responding.

The Council thanks NBR for the invitation to participate in this event.