Council VP Speaks on Taiwan’s post-Covid-19 economic trajectory


On November 17, 2020, Council Vice President Lotta Danielsson spoke at a virtual event on the key drivers shaping Taiwan’s post-Covid-19 economic trajectory and the future of U.S.-Taiwan economic relations, hosted by the National Bureau of Asian Research.

Lotta spoke on the potential of a U.S.-Taiwan Bilateral Trade Agreement, and ways forward to expanding U.S.-Taiwan economic relations under the next U.S. administration. She also spoke briefly about the upcoming Economic Prosperity Partnership Dialogue and how Taiwan has convincingly demonstrated that it is committed to the U.S. trade relationship by relaxing import rules and making trade policy changes.

While the world continues to face significant challenges arising from the ongoing spread of Covid-19, Taiwan recently marked its 200th consecutive day without a single domestically transferred Covid case. Taiwan’s handling of the pandemic, coupled with strong exports from its high-tech manufacturing sector, has allowed it to suffer less economic damage than most countries. Meanwhile, strong U.S.-Taiwan trade throughout the pandemic has resulted in Taiwan becoming America’s ninth largest trading partner, up one spot from last year.


In her inauguration address earlier this year, President Tsai outlined several initiatives to stimulate the economy and presented Taiwan as a viable alternative to China for global supply chains. Since then, many high-level officials in the United States and Taiwan, including President Tsai, have come out in support of a bilateral free-trade agreement. President Tsai also recently lifted restrictions on imports of U.S. pork and beef, removing a key barrier to trade negotiations and providing a pathway for improved U.S.-Taiwan trade relations.


On Tuesday, November 17, NBR held a virtual discussion with Director General Daniel Kuo-ching Chen, Vinod Aggarwal, Lotta Danielsson, Shelley Rigger, Roy D. Kamphausen, and Michael Wills on the key drivers shaping Taiwan’s post-Covid-19 economic trajectory and the future of U.S.-Taiwan economic relations.

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The Council thanks NBR for the opportunity to participate in this event.