On October 19, 2020, Council Vice President Lotta Danielsson spoke at a closed-door virtual lunch roundtable on U.S.-Taiwan trade relations, hosted by the East Asia Program at the Stimson Center.

Ms. Danielsson discussed the history of the proposed bilateral trade deal between the United States and Taiwan, as well as the growing support for such a deal within Congress and the academic/think tank communities, as well as support among U.S. businesses.

She spoke about the many trade ties that already exist between the two sides, and the potential positive effects – both economically and politically – of a bilateral trade agreement between the two. In addition, she enumerated the potential existing issues that such a negotiation might be able to solve. Ms. Danielsson also talked about the hurdles to a BTA, both in the U.S. and in Taiwan, and potential ways to overcome those hurdles.

The Council thanks the Stimson Center for the invitation to participate in this event.