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October 4, 2020 - October 6, 2020

2020 US-Taiwan Defense Industry Conference

2020 US-Taiwan Defense Industry Conference Banner

2020 US-Taiwan Defense Industry Conference Banner

The US-Taiwan Defense Industry Conference 2020 takes place October 4-6, 2020 in Leesburg, Virginia. This is the 19th annual event in a series of conferences on Taiwan national security and defense issues. Conference discussions will address Taiwan’s national security needs, as well as defense procurement and the future of U.S.-Taiwan defense cooperation.

The 2020 conference will feature keynote addresses by speakers from the Taiwan and U.S. governments. Panels of experts will further hold discussions about the state of the U.S.-Taiwan defense relationship. These speakers will address a gathering of approximately 180 attendees. Attendees include senior company executives, a Ministry of National Defense delegation, as well as representatives from the U.S. government. In addition, attendees come from the policy-making and national security communities, as well as from academia and think-tanks.

Conference History

The first conference in this series was the St. Petersburg, Florida event where former Taiwan Minister of National Defense Tang Yiau-ming gave the keynote address in March of 2002. The second conference took place in February 2003 in San Antonio, Texas, and the third in October 2004 in Phoenix, Arizona. The fourth was held in September 2005 in San Diego, California, the 5th in September 2006 in Denver, Colorado, and the 6th in September 2007 in Annapolis, Maryland.

In September 2008 on Amelia Island, Florida, Taiwan’s Minister of National Defense Chen Chao-min gave the keynote address at the 7th conference. The 8th took place in September 2009 in Charlottesville, Virginia, the 9th in October 2010 in Cambridge, Maryland, and the 10th in September 2011 in Richmond, Virginia.

The 11th conference took place in September 2012 in Hershey, Pennsylvania, the 12th in September 2013 in Annapolis, Maryland, and the 13th in October 2014 in Williamsburg, Virginia. The 14th took place in October 2015 in Williamsburg, Virginia. The 15th conference in October 2016 was likewise held in Williamsburg, Virginia. The 16th took place in Princeton, New Jersey in October 2017, the 17th in Annapolis, Maryland in October 2018, and the 18th in Ellicott City, Maryland in October 2019.

Registration & More Information

The website for the conference is located at Registrations open in the early summer of 2020.