June 17, 2002 Commentary & Reports

Commentary: Taiwan Transportation Issues

Commentary: Taiwan Transportation Issues (Arlington, Virginia, June 24, 2002) Commentary by Rupert Hammond-Chambers Cross-Strait Links With the rapidly increasing business volumes between Taiwan and the Mainland over the past two years, direct links between the two sides of Taiwan Strait becomes increasingly important. Following USA and Japan, Mainland China was Taiwan’s next largest business partner […]

May 13, 2002 Testimony

Testimony: United States International Trade Commission 2002

Testimony: United States International Trade Commission Investigation 332-438: U.S.-Taiwan FTA: Likely Economic Impact of a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) Between the United States and Taiwan (Washington, D.C., May 13, 2002) Written and Oral Testimony by Lotta Danielsson Introduction U.S. productivity in the first quarter of 2002 leaped 8.6%, a jump that the Wall Street Journal […]