Sigur Center for Asian Studies – At the Elliott School of International Affairs

On March 22, 2023, Council Vice President Lotta Danielsson spoke on Taiwan and semiconductor supply chains at “Semiconductor Supply Chains in the Indo-Pacific: The Role of Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan,” a Taiwan Round Table Series event hosted by by the Sigur Center for Asian Studies. The Sigur Center is part of the Elliot School of International Affairs at The George Washington University.

In announcing the event, the Sigur Center said:

The resiliency of supply chains in the Indo-Pacific now poses a central challenge for the U.S. and its partners in the Indo-Pacific. Taiwan’s unparalleled dominance in the global semiconductor industry places it at the forefront of any strategy on semiconductor supply chains. Taiwan, together with South Korea and Japan account for over 90 percent of the world’s semiconductor production.

How well are Taiwan, South Korea and Japan positioned to deal with the ongoing supply chain stresses and what are the economic and security implications to watch for? Join the Sigur Center for Asian Studies for a discussion bringing together perspectives on these three key players.

Ms. Danielsson spoke about the development of Taiwan’s semiconductor sector, the various pressures placed on the semiconductor supply chain, and the balancing act that Taiwan must walk to prevent this star industry from becoming hollowed out. She also discussed foreign investments by Taiwan companies like TSMC – including in the U.S. – which serve to help companies diversify while keeping cutting-edge technology and crucial R&D activities on the island. Ms. Danielsson also discussed the implications of the CHIPS & Science Act and efforts to bring back semiconductor manufacturing to the United States. She also touched on the Chip 4 Alliance and how Taiwan sees the other members of the alliance (South Korea and Japan) as both partners and competitors.

The Council thanks the Sigur Center for the opportunity to participate in this Taiwan Round Table Series event.