Media Mention: Growing Pains in Taiwan’s Defense Sector

November 22, 2019

The article “Growing Pains in Taiwan’s Defense Sector” – written by by Tim Ferry for AmCham Taipei’s TOPICS magazine – quotes Council President Rupert Hammond-Chambers.

“The obligation that comes with the sale of military equipment can be shaped into supply chain access if the two parties observed feel that the accrued benefit works,” Rupert Hammond-Chambers, president of the U.S.-Taiwan Business Council, explained in an email to Taiwan Business TOPICS.

The article also mentions the Council’s 2019 US-Taiwan Defense Industry Conference in Ellicott City, Maryland.

At the recent U.S.-Taiwan Defense Industry Conference, Deputy Defense Minister Chang suggested that “U.S. industry take a step further to work with Taiwan companies in building depot-level maintenance capacity in Taiwan.” He cited the lower maintenance costs, higher maintenance efficiency, and better operational sustainability as reasons for this integration.

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