Media Mention: Council Vice President talks Taiwan Semiconductors with The Diplomat

August 7, 2023

US-Taiwan Business Council Vice President Lotta Danielsson was interviewed by The Diplomat for an article entitled “US and Taiwan: Semiconductor Supply Chain Partnership. Insights from Lotta Danielsson” published August 7, 2023.

The Diplomat author Mercy Kuo regularly engages subject-matter experts, policy practitioners, and strategic thinkers across the globe for their diverse insights into U.S. Asia policy.  This conversation with Lotta Danielsson  vice president of the U.S.-Taiwan Business Council and editor of the report “U.S., Taiwan and Semiconductors: A Critical Supply Chain Partnershipis the 377th inThe Trans-Pacific View Insight Series.”

In the interview, Ms. Danielsson discussed the crucial importance of the Taiwan semiconductor sector to the United States, examined risks to the semiconductor supply chain and what companies are doing to mitigate them, and talked about steps the U.S. and Taiwan are taking to help protect the sector.

She concludes that Taiwan will remain a critical semiconductor partner for the foreseeable future, and that the U.S. must do everything it can to help ensure that Taiwan remains close – not just to the United States but to our allies as well.

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